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Hi there, my name is valerie and I’m a highly motivated & enthusiastic freelance web designer
with front-end skills & a huge interest in UX and responsive design. I’m always in quest to create that one awesome app or website everyone is cheering about!

But hey I’m not a copywriter, so let’s stop talking and let me just show you some of my latest work !

Ps: Looking for a freelance web designer ?

Great! I’m currently available and very hungry!
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Restaurant ´t leeuwke

This no nonsense restaurant with over 40 years of history was in desperate need of a new online "business card".

  • Project made as freelancer for Barnyard, a bunch of young entrepreneurs.
  • My part was to design a website that brought the atmosphere of a cozy
    restaurant to the visitor.
  • Besides the design, I also took care of the development in PHP, CSS
    and jQuery.

Nominations: This project was picked up and featured by

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Vets without borders

This project and my debut on is one of the projects I’m proud of.

  • Project was part of my end terms Cross media design in 3th year Devine
    at Howest Kortrijk.
  • The assignment enclosed both the creation of a creative concept, art direction
    and design a mockup.
  • This mockup was presented and pitched to a jury with clients and agency professionals.

Nominations: This project got a some nice comments and likes in the debuts section on

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Natura 2000 project

This project consisted out of designing a facebookpage for the European Commission.

On this Facebook page we promoted a game to win a fabulous prize. Project made when I was working for Ogilvy Brussels in early 2012

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Water Maniac Walter

Walter maniac was a very big 360° awareness campaign by the European Union to show people how much water they use.

My job was to design the whole facebook part consisting of a Timeline visual, welcome page and several other informational facebook apps.

Project made when I was working for Ogilvy Brussels in early 2012

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Ford campaign

Concept design for a Ford campaign site to calculate how advantageous Ford cars are in terms of taxes.

Project made when I was working for Ogilvy Brussels in early 2012

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Water Maniac walter page

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Product site Dyson

An assignment part of my end terms for Major Atelier during the 2nd year Devine at Howest Kortrijk.

  • The assignment enclosed the design and development of a commercial
    product site for Dyson.
  • Project made in Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3.
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Email Nescafé fair trade

This email I made for a Nescafé campaign to promote their fair trade coffee.

My part was to design the email. Project made when working for Ogilvy Brussels in early 2012

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Cover contest goudengids

In 2010 the Belgian Golden pages & Proximity BBDO organised an online contest to design the new cover of there 2011 edition.

  • Design got the most public votes during contest.
  • Design was chosen as winner by a professional jury.

Nominations: This design is currently shown on all the Golden Pages books in Antwerp.

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Website Tv vlaanderen

During the summer of 2009 I got the opportunity to redesign the TV VLAANDEREN website and their existing web applications as student during a summer job.

  • For this assignment I worked for two months in-house on the marketing department.

Nominations: Canal Digitaal, the Dutch mother company of TV VLAANDEREN took over the design a few months later.

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Fanpage Tv vlaanderen

After a summer job as student at TV VLAANDEREN, I got the opportunity to stay working for them and helped them with a few projects over the last two years.

  • Development of the official TV VLAANDEREN fanpage.
  • First created in FBML in early 2010.
  • Recently redeveloped to a Facebook Canvas App in PHP
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Email templates Tv vlaanderen

Together with Barnyard I developed the perfect blueprint for a commercial e-mailing template.

  • Barnyard started with a strategic analyses and briefed me on the design.
  • In this project I especially had to focus on the conversion rate.
  • Trough A/B testing and detailed conversion tracking we kept finetuning the templates time after time

Finally we surpassed all expectations and sold out all the webdeals before the reminder mail was sent.

wireframe webdesign development
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Website Mathias delplanque

Barnyard, a collective of of young entrepreneurs contacted me to take care of the development of this website for one of their clients.

  • Development done in PHP, CSS and HTML.
  • I also took care of the flash animations and line drawings on homepage and gallery page to show visitors the from drawing to housewarming service they get.
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